Here to help

Here to support you to live life well

Portsmouth Wellbeing Service helps local people stop smoking, drink less alcohol and get to a healthy weight.

Introducing the service

We focus on goals you can achieve

We offer one-to-one appointments either over the telephone or face to face, and weight management group sessions.

Our service is free and you don’t have to go through your GP: you can contact us directly if you want to.

This site also has links to lots of self-help advice, if you prefer to start improving your wellbeing on your own.

We’ve also included information about being more active and living well (emotional and mental wellbeing), because they are so important for your health, and are linked to other issues.

How we can help

Stop Smoking

Want to quit smoking? The Wellbeing Service has lots of resource to help.

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Lose Weight

The Wellbeing Service can help you to lose weight.

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Drink Less

The Wellbeing Service can help you to drink less.

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Get Active

The Wellbeing Service can help you to get active.

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Live Well

The Wellbeing Service can help you to live well.

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We value your feedback

Portsmouth’s Wellbeing Service is there for you. Tell us about your experience of our services you’ve used at: Wellbeing Service Satisfaction Survey (