Swap to Stop

Evidence has shown that using a vape can help smokers stop and reduce smoking-related harm.

The Wellbeing Service can support you to stop smoking through the stop to swap treatment programme with the option of using a vape.

We offer in-person or telephone support for up to 12 weeks and provide free products to aid your journey to a smoke-free life.

If you would like to find out more or to sign up to the scheme, please complete the referral form at the bottom of the page.

For those that have already signed up, more information is included below on the support process, as well as video examples of how to get started with your vape.

Please note vape support is only available to individuals who are 18+ in age.

The Process

If suitable for face to face support you will be provided your vape kit straight away when you see us at your first appointment.

If suitable for telephone support, you will receive a voucher code during your first appointment to redeem your starter kit.

It is advisable to have access to a computer/tablet while your Wellbeing Practitioner guides you through the process via telephone.

Throughout your treatment plan you will receive a new voucher code every 2 weeks to order more products.

The products will be delivered directly to your doorstep! Visit the website page here, and a step-by-step order video is available below for assistance if needed.

How to order...

Your products arrive!

You will receive a Tornado GTL device, a wall plug (to charge it) and enough e-liquid to last several weeks.

Watch the video below for instructions on setting up your device and getting started.

If you have any problems, done worry! Your practitioner will assist you.

Don’t forget to prime your coil before installing it in your vape!

A new atomizer head is dry and unused. Installing it without e-liquid can burn the cotton, even if you add liquid later. Properly priming the coil is essential to avoid dry spots, preventing a bad taste, muted flavour, or reduced vapor production.

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