Top 10 tips for healthier takeaways

  1. Order what you need – avoid super-size portions and share, as takeaways are ideal for sharing.
  2. Focus – if you eat in front of the TV you’re more likely to eat more as you’re distracted. Swap the TV for the table.
  3. Pizzas – go for thin crusts and choose lower-fat toppings e.g. chicken, prawns and vegetables.
  4. Indian – go for tomato or vegetable-based dishes. They contain less fat than creamy sauces- e.g. swap a korma to a madras curry.
  5. Chinese – choose steamed and stir-fried dishes over crispy and fried ones- e.g. swap fried rice for steamed rice. Avoid battered dishes as these are high in fat.
  6. Fish and chips – thicker chips have less fat. Order a portion of baked beans (protein) or mushy peas (veg). Avoid battered sausages and pies.
  7. Kebabs – swap a doner kebab for a shish – it contains a lot less fat. Add salad and avoid sauces e.g. mayonnaise.
  8. Burgers – avoid extra cheese toppings, bacon, breaded and battered meats and creamy sauces. Add tomato, lettuce and relish instead of chips.
  9. Avoid desserts as many takeaway chains offer these now. Opt for diet fizzy drinks if given free with a takeaway.
  10. Make your own healthier versions of your favourite dishes, this is also more cost-effective.