Top 10 tips for healthy eating on a budget

  1. Buy and cook in bulk to save time and money.
  2. Refrigerate and freeze left-over portions for another time.
  3. Bulk out meals – use beans, pulses, potatoes, vegetables, pasta and rice as these are more filling and cost less than meat.
  4. Stock up your cupboard with tinned fruit (in juice, not syrup/added sugar) and vegetables (in water) and other store cupboard items e.g. pasta, rice, pulses and beans.
  5. Buy fresh food in season as this are much cheaper – e.g. root vegetables in autumn.
  6. Make and take your own packed lunch rather than buying, this will be healthier as well as saving you money.
  7. Make a list before you go shopping and avoid buying on impulse – don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.
  8. Buy store own-brands as these are usually cheaper and the quality can be just the same.
  9. Be aware of special offers, they may not be as good value as they sound. Know the price of what you are buying.
  10. Drink water with a meal, it’s not full of sugar and it’s free.