Top 10 tips for healthy eating

  1. Eat the right amount of calories for how active you are. As a guide: 2,500 kcal for an average man and 2,000 kcal for an average woman.
  2. Eat a wide range of food for a balanced diet – the food on your plate should be very colourful.
  3. Base your meals on starchy foods (e.g. potatoes, cereals, pasta, rice and bread), as these foods fill you up and provide you with energy.
  4. Eat lots of fruit and veg (aim for five portions a day).
  5. Eat at least two portions of fish a week, make at least one portion oily fish such as trout, salmon, sardines or fresh tuna.
  6. Cut down on saturated fats (e.g. cakes, biscuits, cheese, cream, butter, pastries and pies).
  7. Cut down on sugar (e.g. sugary cereals, cakes, biscuits, sweets, alcoholic drinks and fizzy/energy drinks).
  8. Cut down on salt (shop-bought soups, ready meals or processed meats e.g. ham and bacon). An average adult’s intake should not exceed 6g of salt per day.
  9. Don’t get thirsty – drink plenty of water throughout the day (an average adult should be drinking up to 2 litres/8 cups per day).
  10. Eat slowly – don’t rush your meals, give your brain time to catch up with your stomach. This should result in you not over-eating.